Saturday, February 11, 2012

Episode 26: Ladies Night

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*Bunny & TQ pics by Samir Mrini

This episode, I'm pleased to present a discussion featuring 3 ladies of the threeA legion: Emma, Dolly, and threeA radio's Kimberley. The ladies and I touch on a number of topics, including the merits of 1/12 vs 1/6 scale figures, mint on card vs opened collecting, and the similarities & differences between how male and female legion members approach their threeA collecting.

We also talk about some upcoming threeA releases, including the Metal Gear Solid REX figure and the first female figure from the World War Robot line: the 1/6 scale Supreme Nom Commander.

There's also some discussion of the different Tomorrow Queen figures that have been released by threeA-

We start things off with Gimbat's News- A recap of some of the most recent happenings in the world of threeA.

We wrap things up with a review of the Mk.II square by Solodice.

*Intro sound-bite lifted from this youtube video:

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