Saturday, November 26, 2011

Episode 21: Custom Zombie Thunderdome

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This episode I'm joined by Legion member and forum moderator James, aka Anubis2Night for a discussion on the ThreeA Custom Toy Show recently held at the 1AM Art Gallery.

Then it's time for another edition of 3A THUNDERDOME! Listen in as our contestants match wits to see who has the superior Tomorrow King knowledge!

We wrap things up with some speculation on the upcoming Action Portable Zombs; 1/12 versions of the iconic zombie characters from ThreeA's Adventure Kartel line.

All this and more, presented to you in dynamic, stunning mp3 form! ^_^

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The podcast's closing song was created by an incredibly talented Legion member who goes by the name of Knives. Knives also does some incredible 3D character design. You can check out some of his work here-

Zombies Vs Robots, used with permission from Andy of The Flaming Tsunamis. Please support these guys & Buy their tunes! Check out their stuff here-

Zombies Vs. Robots movie news by Clevver Movies. Check out the youtube channel here-

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Oh, and before I forget, there's a pretty cool contest in the works. The catch: You've got to be a member of the ThreeA Legion online forum to participate. Fortunately, signing up is easy and free. Just head on over to, and keep an eye on the threeA radio Podcast thread for more details.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Episode 20: The 3A Team

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Welcome to episode 20 of the threeA radio podcast, the internet's first podcast dedicated to 3A.

To start things off, a little primer:

What's threeA? It's a designer toy company created by artist Ashley Wood and famed toy designer Kim Fung Wong.

What are designer toys? Well, some think of them as pieces of 3-d art, prized by many for their unique and innovative combination of color and style. The pieces created by threeA have that, plus, they're just plain fun to mess around with!

And threeA is more than just a toy company. Over the years, a unique community of fans called the threeA Legion has grown around the brand.

Fans come for the cool toys, and stay for the cool people.

In this podcast, some freinds and I get together to talk about the different toys produced by threeA, as well as the gear, books, and art created by threeA and artist Ashley Wood.

This episode starts off with a quick trip to a little place called "The Emo Zone".

This episode also features a segment called threeA Legion Spotlight.

This time, we hear from legion member h8thing.

Then, it's on to the toys. The team & I discuss some of the latest threeA preorders, including the 1/6 scale Tomorrow King figures Wasabi and Oya-Loper, the 1/12 Tomorrow King Oyabun figures, and more.

photo by printschi

Please be sure to check out the official threeA forum at!

Still here, folks!

Yeah, I know it's been a while since the last episode. But rest assured, the podcast is alive and well. Because of the time involved in editing each episode, and because of the inevitable delays that Real Life imposes on the production of the podcast, I've been working on building a cushion of episodes to have on hand & ready to drop. The plan is to have at least 2 episodes already done by the time the team & I get together to record a new one. That way, I can have an episode ready to go while I'm editing the latest recording.

As of today, the last episode to drop was number 19. I'm currently finishing up the editing on episode 21. So while there has been a bit of a lag since the last episode, HOPEFULLY, future shows will drop more regularly and more frequently.

Anyway, thanks to everyone out there who has been checking out the podcast; your support is GREATLY appreciated.

Episode 20 will be up soon. ^_^