Monday, July 30, 2012

EPICsode 32

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This episode, the gang & I get together for the threeA 4th anniversary drop, and discuss the cool new Deplume tribute figures, NOM 4th and NOM 27.

While counting down the minutes until the sale went live, we reminisce about the past 4 years of threeA collecting.

Discussion strays a bit onto my personal favorite topic: Action Portable Tomorrow Kings!

This episode also features a very cool review of the 12 inch Rothchild figure by Solodice.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Episode 31: The Circle Is Now Complete

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I'm a hard-core Star Wars fan. When I first saw the original film way back in '77, my young mind was freakin' BLOWN. For the longest time, Star Wars has dominated my toy collecting.

1977: folks line up to have their minds BLOWN by a new movie called "Star Wars."

That all changed one day when I was browsing the online forum of a Star Wars fan-site called Star Wars Action News. There was a thread there entitled "The Random Toy Picture Thread", which was used by forum members to share photos of their non-Star Wars figures. As I was scrolling through the photos, I came across an image that stopped me in my tracks: A strange, super-weathered robot figure with semi-cartoonish features, but an incredibly realistic paint job.

After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I started asking about the photo. What IS that? And where can I get one?!? I soon learned that the image was called a "Bertie", and was produced by a company co-owned by the comic artist Ashley Wood.

The rest is history. My Star Wars collecting screeched to a halt, and my threeA addiction began.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011: While visiting the threeA booth at San Diego Comic Con, I witness something that immediately took me back to my childhood collecting days: 6-inch Star Wars figure prototypes, produced by threeA!

1:12 scale threeA Star Wars prototypes at San Diego Comic Con, 2011.

threeA Boba Fett vs. 3.75 inch Star Wars figure size comparison

It was like the famous line that Vader says to Obi-Wan in Star Wars:

"The circle is now complete."

It was Star Wars that led me to threeA collecting, and now, threeA had led me back to my love of Star Wars.

It turns out the prototypes were being used by Ashley Wood in an attempt to secure licensing rights to produce 6-inch scale Star Wars figures. Unfortunately, the deal didn't go through, and the plan was put on hold...

Months later, the Boba Fett prototype was offered up as 1st prize in a contest held by Ashley Wood. And, lo and behold, I actually won the thing!

Boba Fett prototype, before opening:

In this episode of the podcast, I basically geek the fuck out over the figure in an on-air unboxing & review of the figure with Podcast Team members Devours, Yama86, and Chasbrock, plus special guest tracerFIRE.


This episode also features a roundtable discussion of the Bambaland Store Reventure drop and the feelings of Emo that it inspired in some fans. We also drift a bit off topic to discuss a few other topics, including scars we earned in childhood and as always, how freakin' cool TKs are.