Saturday, October 30, 2010

*Special: Happy Halloween!

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This is not a regular episode of the podcast. It's just a little Halloween treat: A short "mix-tape" of selected songs from past podcast episodes plus a few Halloween-themed songs.

Runtime: 31 minutes, 30 seconds.

-Zombies vs Robots

-The Faces of Belmez

-Left 4 Dead: Zombies

-Halloween Theme with lyrics

-Scary Story

-Re. Your Brains

-The Evil Doll

-Halloween Song

Monday, October 25, 2010

7- The Female Of The Species Is More Deadly Than The Male

Episode 7- "The Female Of The Species Is More Deadly Than The Male"

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Submitted for your approval: Episode 7 of the threeA Radio podcast.

In this episode, we take a look at the recently released Tomorrow Queen figures. These figures manage to combine the ass-kicking coolness of the Tomorrow Kings with the long-legged beauty of Ashley Wood's female form paintings.

We'll also talk about the latest drop from the Adventure Kartel universe: The Fighting JC figure.

There will also be some discussion of a favorite topic of mine- the proposed World War Robot line of miniature figures; formerly known as the WWR Strategy line, now called threeA Strategy.

This episode will also feature a review of the WWR portable Dawn Patrol Armstrong figure, submitted by forum member Solodice.

All this, plus Gimbat's threeA news and a lot more, on episode 7 of the threeA radio podcast.

Runtime: 02:33:14

Segment breakdown-


-Gimbat's News

-TQ discussion


-Fighting JC



-WWRp Armstrong review

-ThreeA Legion interview