Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Episode 24: Always have a plan-B

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Always have a back-up plan.

After a two-hour podcast recording with the team, I sat back to review the audio.

But there was a problem: There was no audio.

When I realized this, I honestly came close to knocking my computer to the floor in frustration. TWO HOURS of Podcast-Gold, lost in the ether of the internet...

The topic of discussion (which will remain a secret for now) inspired some pretty animated discussion. Some inspired points were presented, and there were quite a few unplanned moments of humor. I'd like to try to record the session again in the near future...

In the meantime, I present ep. 24 mk.2.

Still full of the magic inspired by threeA, but different. This episode features the return of a segment that was a cornerstone of the podcast: Gimbat's News.

This episode also features some discussion of a number of upcoming threeA toys, including

the AP Zombs

The Mighty Square

AP Popbot

Harold The Fucktard

This episode also features a cool Member Spotlight segment featuring Legion member Knives, creator of the song we use for the close of each episode & webmaster of a new site called Rad Toy Review. Check it out here- Rad Toy Review

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