Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Episode14: JDF Drop

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Still chuggin' along.

In this episode, the team and I get together minutes before the recent JDF Armstrong drop. A limited quantity of the figures were offered on Bambaland, with all proceeds going towards a relief fund for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan late last month.

We also geek out a bit over the scheduled appearance of Ashley Wood at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

We then go on to cover a number of topics, including the Adventure Kartel Fighting JC and Bleak Mission figures, the Action Portable Tomorrow Kings (again!), and the old-school 1/6 scale Armstrong figures.

This episode also includes some discussion of Digital vs. Traditional print media, the upcoming Popbot movie, and the meaning of "Fair Dinkum".

All this and more, on episode 14 of the threeA radio podcast.