Monday, June 11, 2012

Episode 30

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3Aradio podcast SMUSH!!!

Welcome to episode 30 of the podcast. In this one, we take a dip into uncharted waters and take a look at the world of the ABC Warriors, a series that was born from the U.K. comic anthology 2000A.D. Ashley Wood is such a fan of the series, he's acquired rights to produce figures for threeA.

We start things off with an unboxing/review of the 1/12 Hong Kong Reventure exclusive Mongrol figure.

This thing is fucking COOL. In fact, it's one of the coolest figures I've purchased from threeA this year. A version in the same scale, but wearing the paint-scheme featured in the comics is coming, so keep your eyes on the production blog. When this thing drops, you're gonna want to grab it!

This episode also features a return of one of my favorite segments: threeA Legion Spotlight. This time, we present an extended segment courtesy of Chasbrock featuring a really cool Legion member who goes by the handle TRACERfire.

UPDATE: 1/12 Standard Mongrol is on the way!!!