Sunday, March 25, 2012

episode 27: Hip to be Square

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Due to a pretty hectic work schedule, I've had trouble getting together with the team for regular podcast recordings. HOWEVER; I remain dedicated to keep this thing going! With that in mind, I've managed to squeeze some free time out of my schedule to produce this solo effort.

This episode features an unboxing/review of the World War Robot Brillo Square, Mk.2.

In addition to that, I've included some background on the inspiration behind the design of the figure, Artist Andy Warhol.

The Warhol segment includes interviews & sound-clips snagged from around the web. I learned a lot putting it together, and I believe you will find it both entertaining and educational.

Square audio footage created by Legion member Anthony Carvalho

Interview clips taken from the 1987 Andy Warhol Documentary created by Kim Evans

Transformers Parody by NG SMOOV

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