Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ep.12 Talkin' threeA with the Sucklord

Talkin' threeA with the Sucklord

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This episode, I'm honored to be joined by a celebrated figure in the designer toy world- Sucklord, of Suckadelic Toys. Having been a part of the vinyl scene from day one, Sucklord provides a unique point of view on threeA and designer toys in general. And, as it is wont to do, Star Wars creeps into the mix as well.

But first, Original Generation Legionnaire Sir Dirty Girty and I take a look at the world of World War Robot. SDG lends his expertise as we delve into both the book and the incredible WWR figures.
This episode also features a review of the WWRp Noir Deplume figure: Pure bad-ass, shrunken down to 1/12 scale.

All this, plus Gimbat's threeA Daily News and more.

Peep this:

The Realms of SUCKADELIC

ThreeA Legion Outpost

ThreeA Production Blog

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