Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog: 1/12 Dropcloth!!!

The elves at the threeA hatchery are about to unleash another wave of kick-ass on us with this bad-boy:

When I first glanced at this photo, I thought "cool; that's a nice picture of the 12-inch Commando Uncle 5 Dropcloth.

Only it isn't.

This is a 6-inch Commando Uncle 5 Dropcloth!!!

6 inches tall, and capturing every last detail of its 12 inch tall brother, right down to the tiny articulated fingers!

If you've opened a new threeA figure before, you're probably familiar with the distinct "threeA smell." With the way my hunger for these things is growing, I'm starting to suspect that the smell is at least 15% crack. Or maybe nicotine.


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