Saturday, February 5, 2011

ep.11 - APTKsDrivingMeCRAZY

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APTKs Driving Me CRAZY!

Welcome to episode 11 of the threeA radio podcast. In this episode, the team is joined by a special guest- an old-school Legion member from across the pond: Tigerfeet. We talk a bit about the recent 3AA membership drive, and all the coolness that goes along with it.
Later, we roll up our sleeves and dig into the tornado of kick-assery currently heading our way from threeA, starting with the new Action Portable Tomorrow King figures.

We then discuss some recently landed items, and have a possible brush with the supernatural with the arrival of the 1/6 Adventure Kartel figure known as Ankou.

Next, we segue into talk of upcoming releases, including the WWR Grunts, Bot-Sniper, and Seven Bones.

...All this, plus Gimbat's news and more!


00:00:00 Intro Theme by Rob Liscombe
00:02:55 threeA motion ad
00:03:28 Gimbat's News
00:06:40 Legion Spotlight: Tigerfeet
00:16:00 Roundtable: 3AA, APTKs, Ankou, 7 Bones, WWR Grunts, Bot-Sniper, and more.
:01:47:00 Outro Theme by Knives Out

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