Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vidcast 1: WWRp 3X3 Pack!

VidCast 1: WWRp3X3Pack

ThreeA radio is made possible by a team of dedicated threeA fans. One member of the ThreeA Radio team, Yama86 (also known as Yamata86), has created a series of unboxing videos. These impressively shot videos feature a variety of different threeA figures, and give fans a chance to view them in a way that static pictures just can't do.

ThreeA Radio is proud to present the first of what will be a series of special VidCasts created by Yama86. In this episode, We take a look at the World War Robot Portable 3X3 pack, which featured a collection of 1/12 scale Large Martin, Damn Large Martin, and Bramble figures, as well as a 1/12 version of Blanc DePlume.

LINK: Yamata86 youtube channel

The threeA Radio team is

Eric (host & editor), Devours, Yama86, Chasbrock, Solodice, and The Monarch

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