Thursday, December 16, 2010

Episode 9- Introduction to threeA

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The ranks of threeA fans have been growing like crazy. On the official threeA discussion board, it seems like more and more folks are dropping in daily. Many of them have questions about the company; how it started, who's behind it, and so on. So, we've decided to do an "Introduction to threeA" episode.

Our goal- to bring new fans up to speed on the origins ofone of the most cutting-edge designer vinyl companies around: threeA.

This episode also features a review of the recently released threeA posters, submitted by new threeA Radio contributor, The Monarch.

Also featured, a review of the 1/6 Panda Shocktrooper Dropcloth by Solodice.

All this, plus Gimbat's news and more.
Show breakdown:


Gimbat's News
Poster Review by The Monarch

Intro to threeA

Panda Shocktrooper Review by Solodice


The Gimbat's News segment features some submissions to the threeA Motion-Ad Contest. Links to all entries can be found at the threeA forum Daily News thread, HERE
As well on the contest thread, HERE.

Direct links to the video entries featured in this episode:


Knives Out


As well as one that resonates with many drop-night veterans, created by Hogan.

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