Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you, Spanky Stokes!

Episode 8 is just about ready, but in the meantime, here's a quick interview that appeared a while back on HUGE Thank you to Anubis2Night of Fallen for conducting the interview.

Eric, I love the new podcast can you tell us a bit more about it. How did you get started?
The podcast started with an idea I threw out on the old threeA Legion forum. I'd had a few beers that night, so the little voice telling me it was a silly idea was out of commission. Surprisingly, response to the idea was overwhelmingly positive. I think what sealed the deal for me was when Ashley chimed in and said "Do it!"

So Eric how long does it usually take to produce a episode?
Gathering the material is pretty simple; the hard part is the editing. When recording a conversation with other threeA fans, it's easy to get caught up in the moment and drift off topic. Listening, then re-listening to the recordings and deciding what to prune is where the minutes start to turn into hours. Sometimes, the recordings turn out perfect as-is; other times, it takes a little work. A thirty minute segment can take up to 2 hours of work to clean up.

So how has the experience changed so far as you've produced it? Do you have any future plans for where your gonna take the show?
The podcast is still a baby; it's finally learned to walk but it isn't running yet. Producing it has changed in many ways as the show has evolved, but the biggest change has been deciding on a set format for each episode. Ever since cracking that nut, putting the episodes together has gotten a TON easier.

I'm also learning how to more effectively use my recording/mixing software with each episode. The program I use is a freeware program called Audacity. It is surprisingly flexible, and has a ton of cool bells & whistles. The hard part has been finding out where those bells & whistles are, and how to use them.

As for the future, I'd like to eventually earn the assistance of some regular contributors. I'd also like to eventually find a regular co-host. I could go on and on for hours talking about different threeA toys and Ashley Wood comics by myself, but I think it's more entertaining for listeners to hear two or more people discuss a topic.

Do you know if Ashley Wood has listened to it yet?
Dude, I have no idea! I'd like to think that he has, and that he approves of the show, but I haven't asked him yet. I have the utmost respect for Ashley Wood; his accomplishments as both an artist and a businessman are frankly astounding. Not only that, but he seems like a genuine, down to earth good guy. But in the end, I'm not doing the podcast for him. I'm doing it for his fans.

Any plans on trying to get Ashley on?
Not yet. Gotta learn to walk before I try to run. (LOL) Earlier, I referred to the podcast as still being in its infancy. Having Ash on now would be like turning the podcast into a child-star! And child-stars don't tend to end up well.

Also, having him on would be the ULTIMATE; I feel like there would be nowhere to go after that but downhill. However; with that being said, I'd jump at the chance to have him on the show. I'm just not going to push it yet.

Is there anything you really want to cover on the podcast but haven't yet?
TONS. What springs to mind right off the bat is an idea presented to me by Samir, one of the threeA forum moderators. He suggested having some of the resident artists and art collectors hold a discussion on Ashley Wood's art. I've been in touch with several people, and the idea is still in the works. Unfortunately, they're spread all over the globe, so finding a time that works for all of them has proven to be difficult.

Do you plan on Doing a live podcast for the next 3A event?
For episode 3, Chas, Yama, Solodice and I did a live recording during the Heavy Bramble drop, and it was a blast! I'd like to do something like that in the future, but with more participants. The energy generated by drop-nights is an amazing thing, and it's kick-ass to have the chance to capture it for the podcast. I'm not going to be able to do it for the TK Baka drop, but after that, I'd love to do it again.

If there's one thing you want people to come away from with this what would it be?
An awareness that they are part of large community of like-minded, really cool folks from all over the world.

Wear your threeA fandom with pride!

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