Sunday, December 25, 2011

Episode 23: ASSURGAM

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ASSURGAM. Seeing the word featured on the Nightwatch Heavy Bramble led me to google it. Turns out the phrase is identified with the US Army's 626th Brigade Support Battalion, and translates roughly as "We Rise Up". Pretty cool, no?

Anyway, welcome to the 23rd episode of the threeA radio podcast!

This episode features an impromptu unboxing/review of my newest favorite WWRp 'Bot: The SDCC Exclusive WWRp Nightwatch Heavy Bramble.

Damn; I really, REALLY love this thing!

This episode also features the longest Legion Spotlight segment to date, courtesy of podcast team member Chasbrock. This time, we get to know a very cool Legion member who goes by the name Gaijin665. The first 6 minutes of audio are a little rough, but hang in there; it clears up quickly and the segment is both informative and entertaining. The guys touch on some pretty cool stuff, including the stages of threeA addiction & the diversity of the Legion.

Episode breakdown:

Intro 00:00:00

Interlude 00:01:35

Bramble Review 00:02:30

Interlude 00:15:10

Spotlight, Pt.1 00:15:45

Interlude 00:41:15

Spotlight, Pt2 00:43:35

Interlude 01:09:20

Outro 01:10:00

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