Thursday, December 15, 2011

Episode 22: Holiday Special!

To download, "right click" and "save link as" HERE.

Season's Greetings, folks!

This episode, we present a little something to listen to while you're wrapping or unwrapping those presents. A little ear-candy to help make that road-trip a little more enjoyable. :-)

This episode doesn't follow the regular show format. Instead, the podcast team joins me in a little yearly tradition of mine: A viewing of an elusive and often overlooked holiday special from the late 70's:

Listen in as the podcast team gets together for an audio commentary & critique of this culturally important program, all for purely non-profit and educational purposes.

We take a look at the importance of family-

Good Friends-

And good music.

We'll briefly discuss the mixing of cultural icons from the time period-

And talk about the first appearance of a particularly noteworthy cultural icon.

Say; did I mention the singing?


This episode can be enjoyed on its own as an audio-only piece, but there's a video component as well.

If you want to listen to our commentary while watching the video, you can do so at the following super-secret link:

At the link location, pause the video at the beginning, then hit "play" when you hear the *BEEP* in the podcast mp3.

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