Saturday, September 29, 2012

3A Podcast, episode 33: The AP Revolution!

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Episode 33: The AP Revolution!

Hello threeA fans!  This is Eric, welcoming you to episode 33 of the threeA radio podcast. This episode, I'm joined by some special guests to discuss a phenomenon I like to call "The AP Revolution".  To paraphrase Gil Scott Heron, The Revolution might not be televised, but it most definitely will be PODCASTED.

This episode starts off with a brief history of the Action Figure.  Did you know that the term didn't even exist before 1964?  Listen, and find out how an idea sparked by a casual glance at an art-supply store evolved into a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of both the young and the young at heart.

We then jump directly into a round-table discussion of how threeA's Action Portable line is blowin' up, featuring some HARD-CORE fans of the line:  Martin, aka Tigerfeet of the threeA forum, long-time Legion Member and artist/customizer MrMunk71, The FWOOSH forum moderator and blog writer Cannonball, and threeA Radio's own Yama86.


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"childhood toys" interlude by comedian Nate Bargatze

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