Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Episode 18: SDCC Pt.2

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Welcome to another episode of the threeA radio podcast! This episode features further coverage of the threeA presence at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

The Legion was out in force at the con, and I was fortunate enough to grab several on the spot interviews on the exhibit hall floor. Listen on, and you'll hear from Legion members Gimbat, Kat, Benny, Geopina, dtrain, Gregory, x43x, and BRiZL.

This episode also features part of the Cover Design panel held at the con. In the panel, several noteworthy artists discussed a number of their comic covers. Since this is a 3A podcast, I focused on Ashley Wood's contribution to the panel. Below, you'll find images of the covers Ash discussed, in the order that they were presented at the panel.

Ashley Wood covers discussed in the SDCC Comic Cover Panel-

30 Days Of Night

Automatic Kafka

Fallen Angel

Mystery Society

Ghost Rider 2099

One of the biggest surprises at the convention was the unveiling of some 1/12 scale Star Wars figure prototypes created by threeA. Devours and Chasbrock join me for some discussion on the prototypes and what we'd like to see from this exciting potential new line of high-end Star Wars figures.

3A "Action Portable" Stormtrooper Prototype

This episode also features another edition of threeA THUNDERDOME. In honor of the Star Wars figure unveiling, this edition of Thunderdome is Star Wars themed. Listen on as Devours and Chasbrock battle it out in the Star Wars trivia arena.

Several Convention Exclusive threeA toys were available at the con. These things were HARD to get, but I managed to grab one of the Action Portable Ascended Popbot figures. The opening of the figure and my initial impressions are presented here as sort of an impromptu unboxing and figure review.

Action Portable Ascended Popbot

All this and more on episode 18 of the threeA radio podcast.

Thanks to 3A legion members Chasbrock, Devours, Gimbat, Benny, Geopina, Kat, x43x, BRiZL, Gregory,and dtrain for contributing to the episode. Thanks also to legion member Knives, creator of the podcast closing song.

Thanks also to Kim & Ash for creating such kick-ass toys. Needless to say; without them, this podcast wouldn't exist.

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