Thursday, January 13, 2011

Episode 10: 3AA!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! After taking a short break for the holiday season, threeA radio is back with an all new episode!
In this episode, Eric, Solodice, Chasbrock & Yama wrap up their chat on the origins of threeA, touching on Ashley Wood's connection to the Metal Gear Solid franchise. We'll also jump into the Way-Back machine to hear further Metal Gear Solid chat with Pitu and Baker The Zombie.

This episode also features a special Robot Spotlight covering one of Rothchild Industries top-of-the-line fighting machines, courtesy of threeA legion member cma3.

Later, the team and I geek out over threeA's 2011 3AA membership.

This episode also features a Damn Buster & Phobos Defense review by Solodice.

All this and more on episode 10 of the threeA radio podcast!

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