Monday, July 19, 2010

Episode 1: "Getting to know you"

It's finally DONE.

Welcome to the first episode of the ThreeARadio podcast. This podcast is a work in progress, and will eventually evolve to follow a set format, but for this first episode, I chose to give some general background on the world of ThreeA toys and to introduce some of the fans of ThreeA.
For the most part, the show is made up of general discussion of different ThreeA books & toys, prefaced by a brief history of threeA and the heart & soul of the company- Ashley Wood.
Segment 1: Introduction & background on ThreeA & Ashley Wood

Music: Zombies vs. Robots, courtesy of Rob Liscombe

Segment 2: Discussion with ThreeA Legion member Devours

Music: The Humans Are Dead by Flight Of The Conchords

Segment 3: Discussion of ThreeA toys & books, as well as the World War Robot & Popbot movies with ThreeA Legion members Pitu and BakerTheZombie. Pitu also shares some of his experiences at the ThreeA Gathering in Beijing.

Music: Left 4 Dead Zombies

Segment 4: ThreeA Legion Member Spotlight. In this episode, we get to meet one of the original members of the ThreeA Legion- Sir Dirty Girty.

Segment 5: General discussion with ThreeA Legion Member ChasBrock.

Closing: Special thanks to ThreeA Legion members Pitu, BakerTheZombie, Devours, Sir Dirty Girty, and ChasBrock for sharing their time, energy, and insights. Thanks also to Ashley & Kim for creating such incredibly kick-ass toys.
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The views and opinions expressed on the ThreeA Radio Podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of Ashley Wood, ThreeA Toys, or its employees. Three A Radio is a fan-produced podcast, and is not affiliated with Ashley Wood or ThreeA toys.

*Batteries not included.

...As far as I'm concerned, this is the threeA Radio theme.

Zombies vs. Robots by Rob Liscombe.

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  1. Very cool dude, are all of them gonna be this long though? I was not expecting it to be this long. Not that I'm complaining haha.

  2. Thanks for checking it out, man. :-)

    I'm thinking the average length will be between an hour and an hour and a half. The upcoming discussion of Popbot might run long, depending on how many participants there are. That book is COMPLEX; both story-wise and visually. Lot's of room for commentary.

  3. Just finished listening to it, good stuff Eric :)

  4. Thanks man! I'm still hammering out the regular show format, but your news will be a regular feature on the podcast. :-)

  5. Great job Eric. I love it. Can't wait for episode 2.

  6. Nice turned out better then I thought it would,can't wait to see what I can do in the next episode.

  7. hey bro loved the podcast so great to put voices to the members and hear a round table type chat about one of our favorite sujects. thanks again for all the effort and hard work put into this.